Uniting the World in prayer ...


The Coronavirus has meant a great change in our lives and daily routines and has left many people frightened and worried about the future.


Members of the Southampton Council of Faiths invite you (in their respective traditions) to a time of prayer and contemplation every Tuesday evening between 7.30  and 9.30pm.


This is one of several events that have been planned around the country and offers each one of use the opportunity to consider our family, friends and neighbors as well as support the NHS and all support workers. We do hope you will join us

There is no doubt that we live in a time when everyone is aware of the need for an understanding of other cultures and faiths. Peace has always been a difficult concept for human beings and there have been many attempts to encourage people of different faiths to work together.

16th April 2020


Society and Faith Covenant - This Covenant is a joint commitment between Southampton Council of Faiths (SCOF)* and Southampton City Council (SCC) to a set of principles that guide engagement and to promote open, practical working on all levels. Read more...


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Peace Walk  - 5th July  CANCELLED

Steps for Peace 15th November


c/o 135 St Mary Street Southampton SO14 1NX


Tel 07545 982838

Email: southamptonfaiths@gmail.com


Interfaith week 11th Nov- 18th Nov


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