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Southampton Council of Faiths

Southampton Council of Faiths ( SCOF ) was set up in May 2001 to promote understanding between faiths in the city. It represents the faith community in dialogue with public bodies - Police Service, Fire Service, Health service ...


Seven faiths are represented on the council which meets about eight times a year. Each faith; Bahai, Buddhist, Islam, Christian, Hindui, Judaism and Sikhism nominates up to five representatives to the council.

The council discusses issues of mutual concern and recognises the importance of overcoming ignorance and fear.

The Southampton Council of Faiths are individuals who care passionately about trying to develop and understanding of each other's faiths and practices in the city of Southampton and surrounding area.


We believe that if we can break down the barriers that appear to divide us we can truly work towards a world where peace is possible in the future. we have already seen some amazing results when people have come together to recognise disasters around the world.


SCOF organised a memorial event following 9/11 in September 2001 and a united response to the tragic tsunami in the Pacific Ocean after Christmas in 2004.


SCOF  relies on donations for their work. If you would like to be informed about SCOF activities and meetings please go to our web-site at or send an email to

Our Vision: Chair - David Vane 2022

To create a formally recognised forum in which people representing the diversity of the faith communities of Southampton and its surrounding areas, could have their views represented and ultimately recognised as a valid contribution to the political, economical , social and moral welfare of the city.


We hope that you will contribute to the life of this web site and if you have any comments or QR Code for newsletter suggestions please email them to 

Thank you for your time and we will look forward to hearing from you.


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Watch our videos Faiith in Your City

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Chair of SCOF  David Vane

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Chair: David Vane

Secretary:  Tim Tofts


c/o 7 Westgate St

SO14 2AY


Tel  07545 982838



SCOF is a registered charity and relies on volunteers to organise and run events and administration. If you would like to donate to SCOF please contact on the above number.


Some SCOF members sit on SACRE and are faith advisors to the Mayor of Southampton and advisors to Solent University and the University of Southampton

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