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This list was correct as of the beginning of 2022. If there are missing contact information or is incorrect please contact us....

Places of Worship in Southampton 2022



Address: 11 Old Ivy lane, West End  SO30 3RX
Telephone number: 02380 392048



Southampton Buddhist Centre
Address: 73 St Mary St, Southampton SO14 1NW
Phone: 07539 115351

Kadampa Meditation Centre Southampton
Address: 21-22 Hanover Buildings, Southampton SO14 1JU
Phone: 023 8055 7077

Hampshire Buddhist Society
Address: Southampton SO15 5AS
Phone: 023 8049 6315

Soka Gakkai UK (SGI UK)
Phone 07545 982838


Above Bar Church
Address: 69 Above Bar St, Southampton SO14 7FE
Phone: 023 8022 8275

Avenue St Andrews United Reformed Church
Address: The Avenue, Southampton SO17 1XQ
Phone: 023 8067 8787

Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas
Address: 102 Bernard St, Southampton SO14 3EH
Phone: 023 8033 3076

Edmund Kell Unitarian Church
Address: Bellevue Rd, Southampton SO15 2AY
Phone: 023 8023 0782

Southampton Chinese Christian Church
Address: Portswood Church, Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 2FY

Central Baptist Church, Southampton
Address: Devonshire Rd, Southampton SO15 2GY
Phone: 023 8022 5473

Lighthouse International Church
Address: St Mary's Rd, Southampton SO14 0BB
Phone: 023 8022 6004


New Community Network
Address: St Mary St, Southampton SO14 1NF
Phone: 023 8023 7700


The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church Southampton
Address: Devonshire Rd, Southampton SO15 2GY

Polish Roman Catholic Mission
Address: 15 Landguard Rd, Southampton SO15 5DL
Phone: 023 8178 6316


Pioneer Network
Address: Central Hall, Southampton SO14 1NF
Phone: 023 8038 5242


Riverside Family Church
Address: 131A Northam Rd, Southampton SO14 0QH
Phone: 023 8022 0256


St Joseph’ Roman Catholic Church
Address: 48 Bugle St, Southampton SO14 2AH
Phone: 023 8033 3589


St Edmund's Roman Catholic Church
Address: The Avenue, Southampton SO17 1XJ
Phone: 023 8033 3589


Saint Mary's Church
Address: St Mary St, Southampton SO14 1AQ


St Michael the Archangel
Address: St Michael's Square, Southampton SO14 2AG


Victory Gospel Church
Address: 154 Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 2NH
Phone: 023 8055 1300


Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Friends Meeting House
Address: 1A Ordnance Rd, Southampton SO15 2AZ
Phone: 023 8022 3758



Southampton Synagogue
Address: Mordaunt Road, Southampton, SO14 6GP
Phone: 023 8022 0129


Abubakar Mosque
Address: Argyle Rd, Southampton SO14 0BQ
Phone: 07877 463524


Masjid Bashir Ahmed
Address: 96-100 Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 2FW


Taqwah Mosque
Address: 162 Northam Rd, Southampton SO14 0QF
Phone: 023 8098 6498


Southampton Central Mosque – Medina Mosque
Address: Compton Walk, Southampton SO14 0BH
Phone: 023 802 31945


​Shahjalal Mosque & Islamic Centre Southampton
Address: 121 St Mary's Rd, Southampton SO14 0BL

Masjid Ar-Rahmah
Address: 189 Northumberland Rd, Southampton SO14 0EL
Phone: 07760 175311


Masjid Umar Al-Farooq Islamic Centre
Address: 195 Derby Rd, Southampton SO14 0DZ

Al Sunnat Cultural Centre
Address: 57A Northumberland Rd, Southampton SO14 0ES




Gurdwara Nanaksar
Address: 3 Peterborough Rd, Southampton SO14 6HY
Phone: 023 8022 6464


​Gurdwara Guru Tegh Bahadar Sahib 
Address: St Marks Rd, Southampton SO14 0NW 
Phone: 023 8039 3440​


Gurdwara Singh Sabha
Address: Cranbury Ave, Southampton SO14 0LR
Phone: 023 8033 3016​


Guru Ravidass Gurdwara
Address: 130 Northumberland Rd, Southampton SO14 0ET
Phone: 023 8033 5517





Vedic Society Hindu Temple
Address: 79-195 Radcliffe Rd, Southampton SO14 0PS
Phone: 023 8063 2275




Southampton Council of Faiths
Address: 7 Westgate St, Southampton SO14 2AY
Phone: 07545 982838

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